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What we do

We do different. We build data resources and data literacy with organisations, businesses and communities. Data is a valuable resource, but it's often hard to collect, analyse, and get the most from it.

Our goal is to enable more people to get useful information from existing and new data sources as simply as possible. That can involve designing the collection new data, accessing and reusing existing data as well as showing people how to use data.



Meet the Team

Our team has worked with data as commissioners of research, within service providers or community organisations, within policy and as designers and analysts.

Our key staff have over three decades of experience in health and social science research including quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods.

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Te Hao Nui
Te Rourou Tātaritanga


Latest News & Updates

In January, Andrew was interviewed by Nathan Morton at Stuff.co.nz on COVID-19 case numbers and testing.
In January, Andrew was interviewed by Stuff's Maxine Jacobs on the limitations of COVID-19 modelling and the progression of the pandemic for Māori. 
Andrew appeared as an expert witness at the Waitangi Tribunal enquiry into the government's COVID-19 response, and his comments featured in the final report.