Te Hao Nui

There is an expressed need of Māori providers and communities for high quality, localised information that can be used to inform and monitor interventions to improve key Maori health outcome measures.

Te Hao Nui is a longitudinal study that will link together the data from Te Kupenga, the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), and the Longitudinal Census Database to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive indigenous longitudinal study capable of following individual pathways forwards and backward in time. The study entirely draws on previously collected administrative data, no new data are collected as part of this project.

Focusing on informing local interventions and policy, this project will transform national statistics into locally accessible information linked into service delivery planning and evaluation at the iwi, rohe as well as at the regional level.

Linking into existing iwi and regional Māori development plans, this project will produce information that will immediately inform the delivery of services and interventions to improve rangatahi wellbeing.

It will additionally create a permanent resource within the official statistics system that can be used for research, evaluation, and monitoring of rangatahi well-being on an on‐going basis.

This project is funded by the Health Research Council.

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