Matt Waymouth
Matt Waymouth

Project Manager

I've just completed my Honours in Sociology at Waipapa Taumata Rau - The University of Auckland. My research focused on mental health in Aotearoa New Zealand, examining how (and why) poor mental health has been defined as a specific social problem to be solved through policy. Through an in-depth analysis of He Ara Oranga - the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction, I sought to comprehend the underlying rationale driving state mental health interventions, and the implications of this for individuals and for the future of the mental health system.

At iNZight, my role is making sure everything that needs doing gets done. This encompasses everything from general admin to project management, graphic design, and research assistance.

Outside of academia and work, you'll usually find me at home with my partner and my cat, where I enjoy reading, making music, and playing excessively-difficult videogames. I spend a lot of time sitting in cafés, and I regularly play disc golf, which is potentially the nerdiest sport in existence.

Research areas

  • Sociology
  • Mental health
  • History
  • Policy
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