Calculating and comparing health or social statistics for populations can be tricky, time consuming and usually requires advanced statistical skills.

Mātau is an easy to learn tool that enables rapid calculation and comparison of robust population statistics without additional software or specialist statistical skills. No statistical calculation or coding are required to produce tables, graphs and even maps.

It can be used for any outcome statistics in any geographical area or time period using either aggregate data (counts) or unit record file data. Comparisons can be made between population outcomes over time, between regions or by ethnicity, age or sex. Pull down menus and interactive graphics are used to producing statistically robust calculations and comparisons including confidence intervals. Multiple options for analysis can be selected from the menu if required but the default setting on menus is the standard approach allowing

Mātau produces results in the form of tables, graphs and maps with all output exportable in multiple formats so they can be easily included in offline reports.

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